Establishing an Alternative Youth Cultural Center in Gračanica

Hi, my name is Miša, the project coordinator of the Centre for Peace and Tolerance. Below is the project that I am implementing together with my friends and colleagues.

We are jointly working to establish an alternative cultural Center in Gračanica. Gračanica is the new established municipality which has only a traditional cultural scene, embodied in the Cultural House – a seat of very traditional artistic intervention. We had equipped and arranged new space where artists from the entire region can get together and create their art pieces. The first part of the project is  researching/mapping activist initiatives in Gračanica, Klokot, Novo Brdo, Ranilug and Parteš as the mapping of activism is one of the corner stone for successful implementation of project activities.

In this phase we tried to gain comprehensive insight into the activist scene; to identify target groups, participants, activism stakeholders and potential partners at different stages of the project; to form connections between related networks, associations, organizations, institutions, and so on, encouraging their readiness to form partnerships and perform joint activist tasks.

We had identified artists and got them together in organizing multi-media art exhibition in Gračanica. Over 20 artists from different parts of Kosovo will get together for a two day exhibition and interaction with local population.  People will attend a never-before seen gallery of sculpted works and many young people will be really thrilled to see artists working and setting up their art pieces (and maybe even sell some).

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