Contract signed!!!

Today we signed a contract with OSCE and Kosovo Unicef Inovations Lab,Slovak office in Pristina, as well as the Embassy of Luxembourg in Kosovo,
which guarantees vital resources and financing to start the Alternative Culture Center in earnest! According to the project we got enough funds to open and furbish  the Center and we received: a brand new set of Yamaha drums, furnace for clay, a graphic press (the only other one available is in Zvečan, in the Art Faculty) and video production equipment (camera, video editing office unit, UPS)!

The location of the Alt. Culture Center is in the old women’s fitness center, just above the “Genghis” pub.

Students who’ve started to use the Alt. Culture Center have also already benefited from these new materials, and have begun filming independent documentaries which should be presented on a film festival in September to give student filmmakers legitimacy. Also, there are daily painting sessions, rehearsals of two local rock bands, video and audio editing trainings as well as photography workshops. We are planning exhibitions on monthly bases with a growing need to have them organized every week.

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