Opening of the Alternative Culture Center

We are very proud to announce that opening of the ACC on 24th of September was a huge success!!! For this very occasion, in the offices and the gallery space of the Alternative Culture Center we have organized couple of crucial events, which officially opened the Alternative Culture Center to the world! There was a gallery with three sections – the Section of Abstracts, Graphicsand the Section of Realism.

The paintings and graphics which were displayed in the gallery were created by the students and graduate students of the Arts from the Art Faculty of the UM. All of these works were created IN the Alt. Culture Center during the previous month. There was about 70 pieces of art, (70!), presented. Even though it wasn’t a commercial exhibition, people were heard to talk about figures and shipping dates. This is a positive sign of the things to come – as we planned
to make all the works made here available for sale, which we will do in the near future. Revenues generated from the selling, would be used to finance operations of the ACC and purchase of painting material.

The event started at 19.00 o’clock with a ambient reception or visitors, many of whom were foreign citizens, but were attracted to the idea of an alternative cultural venue. In total, there were about 50 visitors during the evening, not including the large numbers of visitors who came to the Genghis pub for the after-program. The event was capped off by a performance of the Arian Randobrava Jazz quarter in the Genghis pub below.

After the first part of the evening, at around 8 PM, started the festival of short
amateur documentary films, “Before the rain”. Most of the films shown on the
festival were specifically made for the festival, also by graduate or
post-graduate students, or were submitted previously    ( as there were works that were filmed in
previous years, from 2004 ). Among the movies shown were such critical gems (as
they attracted the best reactions and applause from the large audience) as

“Voda”    and

“Goro moja” 

We were surprised by the interest shown for the films presented, because for some of the authors, actors this was the very first experience with professional camera.

The Opening of ACC will be remembered in Gracanica as “never before seen” event, with many positive reactions, which created space for further growth of our ideas and our future work.

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